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NW3 Web Cleaner


This groundbreaking product, the NW3 is the latest Web Cleaner specifically for the Narrow Web Industry. Our Cleaning Technology is trusted by the world's leading paint companies. The NW3 breaks boundaries not only in web cleaning but is the first product to be designed under the OECD's Sustainable Manufacturing Framework, constructed from 85% aluminum, the world’s most recyclable material.

Integrating sustainability into design and production processes from the very start was key. We sought to eliminate materials derived from hydrocarbons, choose materials which are easy to recycle, use low loss production processes, and make the product last longer. The result is a unique product, the world's first "sustainable" web cleaner, good for people and the planet.


Machine Dimension Refer to:
  • Pi78878 (Double Sided)
  • Pi79032 (Single Sided)
Machine Type In-line Narrow Web Cleaner
Machine Construction Extruded aluminum chassis with die cast aluminum front surround and drawer door. Machined aluminum back plate.
Finish Powder Coated
Capacity Capacity Accommodates materials up to 3.2mm (0.126") thick.
Speed As per Installed Web Speed (250m/min max)
Air Supply 5-7 bar, dry and oil-free compressed air
Power 24V +/-1V, 2A max
Web Direction Models available to suit either Left to Right or Right to Left web flow relative to machine.