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Web Handling & Electrostatic Converting

static control solutions

Static Control Solutions For Web Handling & Converting Processes

Simco-Ion's products provide solutions in critical converting processes that can be affected by static including:

  • Extrusion
  • Bag making
  • Edge pinning
  • Web cleaning
  • Trim collection
  • Gravure printing
  • High speed webs
  • Sheeting and Slitting
  • Laminating and Coating 
  • Winding and Rewinding 
  • Roll-to-roll changeover

Converters keep raising line speeds to yield higher productivity. As the web moves faster, however, more electrostatic charges get created. As lines run faster, more web material is put at risk should a process problem arise. Thus, controlling static charges becomes even more critical.  Regardless of line speeds, converters need the most efficient static neutralizing and static charging systems in order to meet today’s profitability goals, to keep workers safe, and to achieve optimum product quality without fail.

Web Handling & Converting Solutions Include:

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