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IQ Easy Modular Sensor


The newest member of the IQ family is also the smallest and most capable. The Modular Sensor is an advanced non-contact electrostatic field meter designed to accurately measure and communicate static charge levels (up to 60 kV) while eliminating the time requirement and inaccuracy associated with handheld measurements. The Control Station offers high speed digital communication, user-configurable alarms, and optional PLC integration so that areas where static charge is a problem can be constantly monitored, and ionizer performance documented and improved via Closed-loop Feedback (CLFB).

The IQ Easy Modular Sensor is an electrostatic field measuring sensor. There are two versions of this modular sensor; one contains a single M12 input, while the other contains two RJ-45-style connectors (one on each end of the sensor). The dual-input RJ-45 sensor is designed to work in a daisy-chained (pass-through) fashion, while the M12 sensor is designed to work as a standalone device. The IQ Easy Modular Sensor is a single sensor bar best suited for use in plastic film and web processing applications. It can monitor processed materials for the presence, polarity, and degree of electrostatic charges. This allows for the detection of undesirable levels of static electricity.

Static charge may not be readily apparent on processed materials but often makes itself noticeable in static shocks to machine operators, mis-fed materials, jammed operation, and the attraction of dust and dirt. The Modular IQ Easy Sensor makes the intangible tangible by providing hard data about electrostatic charges on processed materials. This data can easily be correlated to machine operation or mis-operation. Being aware of static charges can even make process troubleshooting easier, for example, understanding coating irregularities as they relate to the level of static charge.

Features & Benefits

  • Connect up to 40 modular sensors to one control station
  • Certificate of Calibration available
  •  Air purge connections for demanding environments 
  • Five communication protocols for PLC connection
  • Configurable for static charging, neutralizing, or CLFB applications 



Power Supply IQ Power Control Station
Input Voltage 24 VDC, 0.075 mA
Input Connection 5-pin M12(A-coded) female receptacle; RJ-45 female receptacle
Input Purge Gas 1-2.5 psi(7-17 kPa) operating pressure
5 psi(35 kPa) max operating pressure
0.14 scfm(4 NL/min) @ 1 psi(5 kPa)
0.22 scfm(6 NL/min) @ 2.5 psi(20 kPa)
Clean, dry, filtered, oil-free compressed air or nitrogen
Gas Input Connection 4 mm OD Tubing, Quick Disconnect
Operating Environment 122°F(50°C) max; 70% RH, no dewing permissible(max)
Operating Distance 2"(50mm), 20 kV max
3"(75mm), 25 kV max
4"(100mm), 30 kV max(factory default setting)
6"(150mm), 40 kV max
8"(200mm), 50 kV max
10"(250mm), 60 kV max
Enclosure Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Dimensions RJ-45: 8.02"L x 1.19"W x 2.08"H (including mounting bracket & connector)
M12: 8.09"L x 1.19"W x 2.08"H (including mounting bracket & connector
Weight 0.9 lb/ft (1.3 kg/m)
Compliance  RoHS
Approval ETL, US, Canada