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Air Knife


Transvectors are highly efficient “air knives” or “curtains” of compressed air for superior blow off of dust and dirt. Simco-Ion’s, made in the USA, transvector continues to outperform competitors by utilizing a durable, patented technology which results in significantly less noise, less compressed air usage and a reliable, uniform airflow.  When coupled with our intelligent, high output static bar, Simco-Ion's ionized transvector becomes the preferred solution for ionized air knives and curtains. 

Features and Benefits

  • Cleans while neutralizing static charges
  • Helps to reduce machinery jams
  • Helps to prevent attraction of dirt and contamination
  • Provides safe, efficient operation

Static Bar Choices



Length 6" Increments (up to 84")
Air Inlet .25 NPT
HV Cable 10' standard length
Air Requirements: Air Input - 10psi (minimum) to 100 psi (maximum) clean, dry, oil free
  Air Consumption - 4.3 SCFM per inch at 80 psi
Power Supply Voltage - 120 VAC and 230 VAC models available