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SMT-II by Teknek creates a new benchmark in SMT board cleaning.  With Low Static Cleaning and Low Applied Pressure, SMT-II creates the perfect method for removing contamination before solder paste print.  Industry demands for increased traceability and integration have been addressed, SMT-II comes with IPC Hermes as standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented elastomer and adhesive technology
  • Standard IPC-Hermes-9852 or SMEMA capability
  • Simple to use graphics user interface
Cleaning Widths  40 - 400mm / 40 - 600mm 
Operating Modes SINGLE SIDE or BY-PASS
Roller Types Available  NT™ - UTF - Nanocleen™ 
Adhesive Available AREP or AREF 
Processing Speed  1-40 m/min 
Pass Line Height  900 ± 50mm 
Mains Power  85 - 265Vac 
Air Supply  5-7 bar ‘OIL FREE AIR’