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IQ Power BPS-C


The unique features put the  IQ Power BPS-C at the heart of the new Conveyostat system. With built-in indicators on the power supply, operators can be alerted when it is time to clean the bars or if the system has faulted. Dry contacts are available for remote monitoring and operation when the unit is installed in an inaccessible location. Easy single-button calibration at install removes environmental effects and ensures optimal neutralization.

Features and Benefits

• Easy operation with Clean Bar, Fault, and High Voltage On indicators
• Quickly check bar health with Ion Output readout
• Intelligent monitoring through the IQ Power Control Station allows for real time information to be sent to the PLC or saved to data logs via Ethernet or USB
• Fixed and Manual operating modes to handle every static challenge
• Set custom maintenance alarms using the IQ Power Control Station
• Conveyostat inner bars can be fit into existing systems to bring intelligent monitoring to any
conveying process


Input Voltage 24 VDC, 1.6A, negative ground from AC Adapter or Control Station
Output Voltage ±5 kV
Max Load Total bar length 600” (15.25m)
Total cable length 300‘ (91.44m)
(total maximum connected to the BPS-C)
Dimensions 7.95”L x 4.85”W x 4.17”H [202 x 123 x 106 mm]
Weight 4.28 lb (1.94 kg)
Operating Temp 110°f (43°C) max
Enclosure Aluminum, blue epoxy powder coated
HV Connectors 2 proprietary IQ Power plug-in outlets