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TWC (Teknek Web Cleaner)


The TWC is designed for the high value web converting sector where the best cleaning system available is required. It is Engineered for simple installation, continuous operation, ease of use and minimal maintenance. Proven contact cleaning for use with modern high value materials such as PET, polyimide, non-woven, copper, aluminum, BOPP and many others. This is also one of the best value machines available.

Features and Benefits

  • Low track, lightweight rollers
  • Lightweight carbon fiber sleeve technology
  • Standard installation points with brackets on product
  • Machined aluminum and stainless steel construction for a small footprint
  • Width range from 30" up to 86" web width
  • Custom widths available above 87"



Cleaning Width  1,000 - 1,800 mm (39.4" -70.9")
Machine Options Double Side or Single Side Setup, Side Access Slide Module, Anti Static System
Adhesive Type AREF
Speed 1 - 250 m/min (3.3 - 820.2 ft/min)
Roller Available with Nanocleen and UTF