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Printing, Bonding, & Bindery Static Solutions


Sheet Stacker - IQ Easy LP for End of Arm Tool 


Graphic flatbed printers deliver high quality print media for graphic shops or other industrial applications. These machines can produce images on a variety of materials including plastics such as fluted polypropylene. The large inkjet printer beds can move as fast as 6.5 feet per second (2 m/s) in and out of the print head area with the material held in place by a vacuum table.


When the print media is static prone,charge can build up during the process
and impact stacking of the product once
it is removed from the print bed. The
static charge can continue to accumulate
as the product stack increases. The higher
the material stack, the more out of
alignment it becomes as like charge on
the sheets repel each other. This requires
manual manipulation by personnel to
realign the stack for the next phase in
the manufacturing process which is time



The End of Arm Tool (EOAT) is fitted with multiple, intelligent static neutralizing bars such as Simco-Ion IQ Easy LP bar along with and powered by the IQ Power Control Station. As the EOAT removes the print media from the flatbed, the IQ Easy LP provides a steady stream of both positive and negative ions. Thus, it establishes a near zero static charge on the material for uniform stacking. The result eliminates the need for manual intervention to realign the stack. This saves considerable time for personnel when transitioning the product to the next phase in production.