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Easy LP for Benchtop Assembly

Workstation application where operator is trying to manipulate small plastics parts to set into a calibration device to determine sizing. Parts are pulled from a plastic bin with tweezers.

At a workstation or assembly bench, small static charges accumulate on precisely machined plastic parts. These charges add difficulty and waste to processes requiring the manipulation, combination or calibration of these parts. In this example, parts are pulled from a bin and then, utilizing tweezers, placed into a fixture for calibration and inspection by microscope. Static charge increases the amount of time required to successfully place the part in the fixture.


A large ion cloud is required, and the ions must be able to reach the target without assistance from a fan or compressor. Traditional clean room ion bars have a single row of replaceable emitters. The innovative IQ Easy LP has two pin channels, and with the emitters only 30 mm apart, it creates twice as many ions as the incumbent. In the pictured application, the Easy LP is able to reduce target charges to below 50 volts, at a distance of 100 mm. Then, when coupled to the IQ Power Control Station, the residual charge drops to zero while the ionization range extends to 200 mm.


The stand-alone Easy bar is rated for ISO class 6 environments and has an IP66 rating. It can be energized by providing 24V directly to the bar or using an optional 120/24V adaptor. The optional Control Station, when combined with the Easy LP, adds the capability to utilize pulse mode and the patented pulse overlap feature. This feature allows the user to drive the residual charge to zero when targeting stationary object like those described above, while extending the range of the ionizer beyond 200 mm. The control station also adds communication, charge monitoring, and data recording for 10 unique addresses.