SCV Cleaning Table

Reduce rework with the SCV Cleaning Table, a high performing, aggressive particulate agitation system. Active monitored static elimination and powerful vacuum removal are combined for maximum cleaning of medical trays and other critical parts. Requires a 115V/60 Hz standard wall outlet and a single compressed air connection. 

The SCV Cleaning table can be configured for single- or double-sided cleaning. Both configurations include Simco-Ion's exclusive Clean Capture Technology lower hood design featuring three IQ Power High Efficiency Nozzles and dual vacuum slots. The monitoring dashboard displays a tamper-resistant filtered air regulator with locking knob, an IQ Power LPS power supply and a magenhelic gauge which indicates airflow and filter status. 

  • Particulates are captured, not delivered back into environment 
  • Once switch powers air, vacuum and ionization
  • Can be configured to pass trays right to left or left to right


 Dimensions  30"W x 48"L
Operating Voltage 115V, 60Hz, 1 phase
Blower Motor Size
3/4 HP
Sound Rating
75 dB
Compressed Air Filtration 95% @ .01 microns
Hepa Filter 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
Regulator 0-100 psi
Collector 426 cfm @ 3.9" H20
Hood Enclosure Stainless steel
Table Frame White powder-coated
Table Top Stainless steel