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Weather’s effect on Static

Weather’s effect on Static

Posted: July 8, 2019

You’ve probably already seen the effects weather has on static, even if you don’t realize it yet. Have you ever pulled a blanket over you and seen, felt and heard the static arching across the blanket? Or maybe you were like me and used the cold, dry winter conditions to charge up your socks right before shocking an unsuspecting sibling. These scenarios happen due to changes in the weather and while this is relatively harmless at home, it can cause huge problems in an industrial environment. These serious problems can include:  

-  Fires and explosions

-  Contamination and quality issues

-  Disruption of microprocessor controls

-  Operator safety


There are a couple ways to deal with this increasing static season. Be sure that all your equipment is clean and operating efficiently. After that, some of the equipment might need recalibrated if not being used in conjunction with a sensor. Finally, you might even need to think about adding more bars, blowers, or other products to keep things neutralized. Now is the time to review your static control measures.


To learn about static electricity safety and installing active static control solutions,click hereto find your local static specialist.

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