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Vacuum Web & Sheet Cleaning

Effective contamination removal with vacuum & contact cleaners.

Multiple production processes of paper, film, and foil materials create particles that can contaminate the web. Contact and separation of the web material with the machine rollers generates static electricity that results in an electrostatic adhesion, bonding contaminants to the surface of the web. The faster the web operates, the more complicated this problem becomes. Contaminated surfaces cause defects, which results in quality problems, costly rejects, and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

Simco-Ion offers a variety of effective vacuum and contact web & sheet cleaning systems. The cleaner that is right for you depends on how clean you need your surface to be. Both vacuum and contact cleaners can be combined for effective contamination removal. Most systems are configured with static bars that neutralize static charges and prevent retraction of contaminates to the web surface. The value earned by using a vacuum web cleaning system includes:

  • Reduces product rejects
  • Improves overall product quality
  • Increases productivity
  • Minimizes maintenance and downtime for cleaning
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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