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Static Control


Static control varies greatly depending on the industry, which is why Simco-Ion offers an extensive selection of products to fit many applications. 

Find the perfect static solution for your process today!

Why Simco-Ion? 

  •  Experienced Sales Reps Offering Top of the Line Consulting 
  •  Exceptional Customer Service 
  •  Superior Static Control Performance 
  •  Advanced Technology Packed into Every Product
  •  Industry 4.0 Ready Equipment 
  •  UL Certified Hazardous Location Static Control Available 
Static Neutralizing

Static eliminating solutions such as nozzles, power supplies, blowers, and bars.


Static Charging

Charging generators, bars, and applicators for pinning and tacking applications.


Particulate Removal 

A wide range of non-contact vacuums and Teknek contact cleaning systems.