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Defeat Static with Simco-Ion

Simco-Ion is the world’s largest manufacturer of static neutralization products. You may not realize it, but static may be slowing down your production and even affecting safety. With Simco-Ion’s static neutralizing products, you can easily and effectively put the control in your hands.

IQ Power Static Neutralizing System

Designed for use in a wide array of industrial applications and leveraging many patented features, the IQ Power system combines exceptional ionization performance and ultimate monitoring intelligence with user-friendly functionality. This fully integrated scalable system makes installation a snap. There is no complicated software to install and with our “smart addressing” technology and flexible mounting options make this system and its components easy to add to any existing application. The IQ Power system can connect up to 10 neutralizing or sensing devices. It is also available for hazardous locations including Class 1, Div 1, Group D classified areas

• Plug & play scaleable system
• Patented Closed-Loop FeedBack mode allows the Sensor bar
    to control output of neutralizing bar
• Patented Auto-Tune technology 
• Patented Dual-Axis control
• Patented One-Touch calibration
• Patented Power Supply connector system
• User controlled voltage alarms
• Standby Mode for pausing high voltage
• Customizable data logging and retrieval 
• Full PLC integration 
• Auto-addressing of connected devices

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