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Empowering Your Facility with Dynamic Static Control Solutions

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Ensure a safe working environment by addressing fire risks and preventing operator shocks.

  • Fire Risk Mitigation: Learn how to mitigate fire hazards caused by static electricity in manufacturing facilities.
  • Operator Shock Prevention: Discover strategies to protect personnel from static-related electrical shocks and utilize IQ systems for automated alerts regarding static or ion output levels, minimizing risks.
  • Incorporate Control Station Intelligence: Enable automated alerts around static levels, enhancing safety protocols.
  • Facilitate Safety Event Reviews: Retrospectively analyze static levels for safety events, conveniently storing data on the USB drive for easy access and analysis.

Process Efficiency

Optimize production processes and minimize downtime with effective static control measures.

  • Lost Production Time: Explore solutions to reduce downtime caused by static-related issues, such as equipment jams and material handling delays.
  • Prevent Jams/Downtimes: Learn effective strategies to prevent equipment jams and disruptions in manufacturing processes and utilize IQ Easy Neutralizing Bars for precision static control, reducing occurrences of downtime.
  • Continuous Ionization: Implement IQ systems to ensure continuous ionization even in adverse conditions, minimizing downtime due to static-related disruptions.

Quality Assurance

Maintain product quality and integrity by mitigating contamination and reducing waste.

  • Contamination Control: Understand the impact of static electricity on product contamination and explore methods to prevent it.
  • Waste/Reject Reduction: Discover strategies to minimize waste and reject rates caused by static-related defects.
  • Static Level Recording: Leverage the monitoring capabilities of the control station to record static levels, enabling thorough review and mitigation of contamination risks.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Utilize IQ Easy Sensors to monitor and adjust ionization levels in real-time, ensuring consistent product quality and minimizing waste.

Maintenance & Labor Optimization

Streamline maintenance processes and optimize labor utilization for improved operational efficiency.

  • Intelligent Data: The intelligence of our IQ systems allows for automated alerts around static levels or ion output levels with our IQ Easy Control Station
  • PM Frequency Optimization: Learn how to optimize preventive maintenance (PM) frequency to maximize equipment reliability and longevity.
  • Centralized Management: Leverage the Control Panel for centralized management of static control systems, enabling efficient PM scheduling and maintenance optimization.

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