Pinner-LP Charging Bar

Product Overview

The Pinner-LP bar is part of Simco-Ion's Chargemaster Electrostatic Generating System. With its low profile design, the Pinner-LP is the smallest in the series making it easier to fit in tight spaces. A large variety of lengths are available allowing for the perfect fit. The Pinner-LP is engineered to provide stunning pinning performance for multiple applications, especially in roll-to-roll changeover.

• Low profile design
• Fully encapsulated quality construction
• Current-limited for operator safety and reduced EMI/RFI
• Long life emitter pins

For additional information on the Pinner-LP contact Simco-Ion Customer Service at 215-822-6401 or email them by CLICKING HERE.


Input Voltage ±30 kVDC max
Output Current Continuous Use: 0.75 mA/ft max
Intermittent Use: 1.50 mA/ft max
32°F (0ºC) to 200ºF (90°C); 70% RH Max, no dewing
Operating Distance 1/2” to 3” (application & voltage dependant)
Weight 1.4 lb/foot
Dimensions 1"W x 1.9"H x (EL + 2") L
EL = Effective Length 3" to 144" in 3" increments
Enclosure Glass filled polyester (rugged, impact resistant, light grey color)
High Voltage Cable Flexible, abrasion-resistant, silicone outer jacket rated to ±50 kV, 10-ft standard length (1/2" min bend radius)

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