Simco-Ion's Teknek XWCH3 Wide Web Cleaner provides dust removal for wide webs and rollers in industrial converting applications.  Engineered for simple installation, continuous operation, ease of use, and minimal maintenance. Proven contact cleaning for use with modern high value materials such as PET, polyimide, non-woven, copper, aluminum, BOPP and many others.


Cleaning Width   600mm - 2500mm (23.6in - 98.4in)
Machine Options  Double Side or Single Side Cleaning, Covers
Adhesive Type ARBS Adhesive and ARNS Nanocleen Adhesive 
Speed  Range, 1 - 350m/min
Roller Available with traditional Panel, Film, F3 and Nanocleen
Material Anodised Aluminum, Stainless Steel 
Compliant CE