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RPT Cleaning Cube

Quickly and easily remove particle contamination from plastic trays and parts with the RPT Cleaning Cube. This portable, self-contained system combines the power of dual blowers, HEPA filtration and static ionization without the need for compressed air. 

Easily manage settings of the RPT Cleaning Cube on the 6" color touchscreen, such as switching between UV and white lighting to boost visibility during your inspection process. The four locking swivel casters on the height adjustable stand configuration increases portability, allowing you to plug in and work near any standard wall outlet.

Features and Benefits

  • No compressed air required
  • Optical sensor for automatic operation 
  • Large 4.1 cubic ft working area
  • Height adjustable configurations

 Input Power 120 VAC, 15A 
Decibel Rating <70 at full operating speed
Turbines Dual 2-stage, high vacuum, 500 air watts (total max)
Airflow 200 cfm
Filter Rating HEPA filter 99% efficient at 0.3 µm
Display 6" color touchscreen
Enclosure Brushed stainless steel
Dimensions  Cube Stand
  25.5" W 25.5" W
  21" H 32-39" H

23" D 23" D