Pinner Easy

The innovative Pinner Easy Integrated Charging Bar incorporates both a static charging bar and charging generator in one.  This design eliminates the need for high voltage wiring and makes the bar perfect for applications such as in-mold labeling, catalog stacking, card insertion, roll-to-roll transfer, and bag making. Both the charging generator and bar assembly are fully serviceable and replaceable, while the tungsten emitters ensure longevity and reduce maintenance.

  • Integrated bar and HV power supply
  • Low 24 volt input, no HV cable
  • Long-life tungsten emitters
  • Voltage or current control operation
  • PLC interface
  • Fully serviceable
Input Power 24VDC, 2.5A Max
Output Voltage 0 to 30 kVDC
Output Current  0-1mA (1mA Max)
Operating Distance 1-4" (25-100mm) typical
Emitters Tungsten, resistor coupled
Overall Length 15" (381mm) to 60" (1524mm)
Dimensions 3.73" H x 2.73" W  (95mm H x 69mm W) (0.3 lbs/in)
Housing Material Glass filled polyester
Mounting 3/8- 16 threaded studs