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Static Control Solutions For Plastic Applications

In the plastics industry static charge can cause machines to jam, parts to stick to each other, and contamination which can increase product defects that waste time and money. Materials are becoming increasingly thin and sensitive, while processes are becoming faster and more lean. Ensuring your process runs smoothly is becoming critical to guarantee your customers get a quality product. Simco-Ion solves problems for a variety of plastics applications by offering custom static control, contamination control, and web cleaning solutions. Our products are ideal for many plastic applications including:

  • Laminating
  • Blow molding
  • Film extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • In-mold labeling
  • Injection molding 
  • Chill roller pinning 
  • Trim collection coating

IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bar

The rugged IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bar has an integrated high voltage power supply and requires only a low voltage input of 24V DC, allowing for a safer, cleaner install. The IQ Easy bar is IP-66 rated for durability and easy cleaning. It is available in two configurations 

  • Speed - Ideal for most applications including high speed requirements. Has a working distance of 2"-9"
  • Hybrid - Recommended for farther distances, accommodating mounting up to 18" away from the target

There are two status LEDs on the bar end: indicated Power (green) or bar Overload (red). Universal mounting brackets are supplied for various mounting options. 

Features and Benefits

  • 24 VDC low voltage input from your machine or Adapter Kit
  • 2 LED status indicators
  • IP-66 rated against particulate and splash
  • Designed for rugged industrial use and easy cleaning
  • Shockless long-life emitter points
  • IQ Power System compatible for remote monitoring intelligence
  • Air Assist bar option


Specifications: Hybrid Speed
Working distance Max. 18" (455 mm) Max. 9" (225 mm)
Housing material Fiberglass reinforced extrusion
Ionization point Tungsten
Cable Low voltage cable
Connector Standard M12
Weight 0.1 lb/ in (1.8 g/ mm)
Temperature range 0°-131°F (0-55°C)
Approval/Protection classification CE, IP-66, ETL
Suitable power supply 24V DC voltage input