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Contamination Control Solutions

Food & Beverage: Can and Bottle Cleaning

For years, companies in the food and beverage industry performed a liquid cleaning/sanitizing process prior to filling to ensure no foreign material entered into the container.  Those who had concern about introducing water into their environment or were running higher speed lines opted for air rinsing with ionized compressed air nozzles. However, with water conservation driving some to convert from water to air rinsing, the high operating cost and noise of compressed air, and the close monitoring of contamination levels from government agencies, the need for blower-driven cleaning systems has increased.


Metal can, plastic and glass bottle defects can take on numerous contamination forms; from foreign debris during the production process, flaking or excess of the internal coatings to external inks and over varnish.  Due to close monitoring of contamination levels, manufacturing plants are being forced to increase their quality control activities and improve production lines to prevent defective cans and bottles from entering the marketplace


The Magnum Force Ionized Air Knife System is an Industry 4.0 system designed to integrate into packaging and production lines for glass, plastic and metal containers. It is a blower driven system requiring no need for compressed air.  Magnum Force is custom built for each application to allow for the most optimized airflow, pulling debris towards the vacuum and ionizing bars, trapping it in a high Merv rated filtration system.  This guarantees the cans or bottles are cleaned inside and out preventing defects or contamination from ever reaching the marketplace.  Additional system options such as automated VFD (variable frequency drives) accessible thru a customizable control panel, remote monitoring of static system and filter conditions as well as sound attenuation allow the Magnum Force to deliver the best possible clean.