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Contamination Control Solutions

Electronics - Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a component assembly technology related to printed-circuit boards. The components are attached and connected on the surface of the board using batch solder-reflow processes. Utilizing a laser system to make identification marks on the board, solder is then screen printed onto PCB solder pads using a laser cut stencil to deposit a 3-dimensional pad of solder on each pad.

SMT is currently the process most widely used for low-cost, high-production consumer electronic assemblies due to its advantages in achieving higher packaging densities, higher reliability and reduced cost over other processes.

In an application that is considered a “zero defect” application and rework is not allowed, it is of the utmost importance to produce a clean board on the first pass.


Manufacturing issues caused by contamination in the SMT process lead to rework or latent failure.  Issues such as blocked stencils, “Tomb stoning”, opens, bridges, and misplaced parts are common 74% of defects in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing process are related to solder paste. 


Yield improvement is accomplished by cleaning the bare boards after laser marking or before screen printing of solder paste. The Teknek SMT board cleaner is specifically designed to fully integrate into advanced surface-mount processes. It presents boards free of contamination and free of static charge to the solder-paste printer, reducing defect while increasing quality and reliability.