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Automotive Static Solutions


Contamination Control: Automotive Vehicle Bodies


Value added processes like painting and coating require vehicle parts and accessories to be contaminate free prior to application. However, as these parts and accessories move through the manufacturing process, forces like static electricity and gravity will trap contaminate on their surface. This contaminate can take many forms, including dust, plasticide, hair and moisture. This contaminate then is held on the part surface, and a separate process is required to effectively remove it and thereby avoid costly delays, defects and rework.  Effective contaminate removal requires a system that incorporates static elimination, a powerful blow off (necessary to break the boundary layer of air), and a filtration system designed to trap the airborne contaminate within the filter banks


Simco-Ion Magnum Force System. The part or accessory enters the HALO, which combines high output Simco-Ion IQ bars used to break any electrical bonds the debris has to the vehicle body) and purpose-built Magnum Force air knives (used to break the boundary layer of air).  This engineered air blast sweeps the contaminate from the parts surface. Once separated from the part or accessory, the contaminate is captured within the customized filter banks on each side of the HALO.  Capturing the contaminate is critical, because if its not captured, it will be free to float or blow around the local environment, contaminating other vehicle bodies, accessories or parts further down the line.