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Hatfield, PA: (June 8, 2021):  Simco-Ion is proud to introduce the IQ Power Wireless Link, the most advanced technology for device connectivity and communication.  Designed as a cable replacement kit, the IQ Power Wireless Link allows devices to communicate while eliminating the need for long, costly cable runs making for easier and cleaner installations.

With a wireless communication range of up to 200ft, the IQ Power Wireless Link allows for static control monitoring in places where mounting was previously unavailable.   With both RJ45 and M12 connections, the Wireless Link allows for monitoring of up to 10 IQ Power or IQ Easy devices.  Communicating via Industrial Bluetooth, the Wireless Link is independent of and won’t appear on WiFi networks and will not require the assistance from IT.

The IQ Power Wireless Link is ideal for impressively large production facilities, in tight spaced applications, such as on turret winders, or for anyone looking for cleaner, faster installations that eliminate long and costly cable runs.  Eliminated is the need for routing cabling along machine frames, in conduit or in the ceiling.  The absence of cables also means no cables to interfere with other production lines and no longer does one have to try and troubleshoot long cable runs when there is a problem.  For those already working with the IQ Power Control Station, the Wireless Link allows for easy addition of new static control devices for monitoring without the need for custom cable lengths or field installed connectors.

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Simco-Ion is the worldwide leader in static control technology, offering custom solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.  With a focus on continuous improvement, Simco-Ion is dedicated to developing advanced products designed to improve productivity through enhanced system performance and operation.  Worldwide sales support provides unsurpassed customer service and application analysis that continues to drive product excellence.

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