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The Most Advanced Static Neutralizing Blower Designed for the Industrial Market

Hatfield, PA: (May 20, 2021) - Simco-Ion has added two new features to the IQ Power Fantom™ Wide-Format Ionizing Blower. A lower fan speed was added to the adjustable knob and the optional tilt bracket was redesigned both improving the ionization delivery to anything from moving webs to injection molded plastic parts.

The IQ Power Fantom now features a lower fan speed on the adjustable knob, increasing its application use to those where the Fantom needs to be mounted at a close range and blow across unsupported thin film, thin cut sheets of film or plastic, or light, small plastic parts.  Users will not see interference with web positioning or tension and thin sheets and parts will remain in position allowing the IQ Power Fantom blower to be an impactful ionizer at any distance.

Simco-Ion has also redesigned the optional tilt bracket providing enhanced safety during installation and repair.  The tilt bracket enables a variety of mounting positions and angles to target an object without the need for customer fabricated brackets.  Ideal for customers looking for precise ionized airflow, the tilt bracket is uniquely designed to allow the IQ Power Fantom Blower to safely offer a wide variety of carefully calibrated air delivery options, improving the precision of the ionization delivery to anything from a web to injection molded plastic parts.

The IQ Power Fantom provides the longest range and widest ionization area of any static elimination blower on the market.  With seamless operation and communication capabilities, the Fantom blower allows the user to confirm ionization, adjust output and clean automatically.  It is capable of handling demanding, high charge applications on moving webs or plastic parts while also adjusting to manage critical applications and drive residual voltages down to 100v or less.

Its raw performance isn’t the only thing that sets the Fantom apart from its competitors. As a part of the IQ Power family, this blower can be monitored and controlled by the IQ Power Control Station. When used in conjunction with the IQ Power Wireless Link, users can eliminate costly cable runs, which is especially useful for a blower that is generally mounted in hard-to-reach spaces. In addition to remote on/off capabilities, connecting with the Control Station provides the ability to adjust balance, activate the self-cleaning feature and monitor real-time performance.

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About Simco-Ion:

Simco-Ion is the worldwide leader in static control technology, offering custom solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.  With a focus on continuous improvement, Simco-Ion is dedicated to developing advanced products designed to improve productivity through enhanced system performance and operation.  Worldwide sales support provides unsurpassed customer service and application analysis that continues to drive product excellence.

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