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Hatfield, PA: (April 21, 2021): Simco-Ion announces the launch of the Cleanflex Easy Ionization Gun, designed with unique features to clean electrostatically charged surfaces and parts.  It eliminates the need for a separate power supply unit, has a full hand trigger and touts improved blow-off force.  Hand held ionization for assembly or manufacturing processes is made easy with the Cleanflex Easy Gun.

The Cleanflex Easy Gun has a built in 24V DC power supply, eliminating the need for cumbersome high voltage cables and separate power supply unit.  With the specially designed opening of the nozzle, the Cleanflex Easy Gun produces a very compact air stream with lower noise and reduced air consumption when compared to other anti-static guns.  The nozzle opening has been constructed as a ring, making it impossible to block the complete air stream should the tip accidentally touch the user, preventing injuries due to too high air pressure.

Designed with a full hand trigger, the Cleanflex Easy Gun allows for easy air control without the strain to one finger.  Ionization is initiated only when the trigger is active and enough air pressure has been measured by an internal sensor.  This provides added safety, low energy usage and extends the ionization emitter life.   The air flow nozzle can be set to 4 positions covering a range of 70 degrees, making it possible to set the flow in the optimal direction for obtaining the best cleaning results and creating an ergonomic condition for the operator. 

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