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Hatfield, PA: (February 18, 2020):

Simco-Ion is proud to announce the launch of its new Static Check-Up program. This program will allow prospects and existing customers the chance to have a static expert analyze production lines and offer recommendations for static control solutions or improvements.

Static can have a significant impact on business. It can slow production speeds, decrease the quality of product and pose a significant risk to employees.  These factors can further impact one’s business by increasing production costs, the number of product returns and also OSHA reportables due to employee injury.  Simco-Ion’s Static Check-Up Program is a no obligation onsite visit where our expects will identify areas generating static charge, measure the amount of static charge being generated, as well as the performance of existing systems and then provide recommendations to improve on performance and safety.

To obtain more information or to request a Static Check-Up, please visit our website

About Simco-Ion:

Simco-Ion is the worldwide leader in static control technology, offering custom solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.  With a focus on continuous improvement, Simco-ion is dedicated to developing advanced products designed to improve productivity through enhanced system performance and operation.  Worldwide sales support provides unsurpassed customer service and application analysis that continues to drive product excellence

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