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  May/June 2019


The fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, is the next milestone for industrial and manufacturing processes. Essentially, I4 is the concept of bringing automation and data exchange to industrial environments by implementing products that communicate in real time by using intelligent products. These intelligent products create a “Smart Factory” which is the name given to when cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes. Put simply, the equipment communicates with each other and humans in real time to help decentralize and speed up decision making.

Simco-Ion already has products that are in line with this ideology. For instance, the IQ Power™ Control Station can link sensors and static eliminating equipment into a Closed Loop Feedback Mode. The sensor reports the amount of static on the web in real time, transmits that data to the Control Station, which then adjusts the neutralizing equipment for optimal static control.

While monitoring processes, the Control Station also has the ability to log and transmit all or any of the information it processes. It can send collected data to a PLC at which point customers can use any means they deem secure to upload the data to the Cloud for remote monitoring. 

For more information on Industry 4.0 and Simco-Ion's smart static control equipment, reach out to your local sales rep today!

IQ Power™ Extension Cord 

Simco-Ion is always looking for ways to improve and create better products for the future. That’s why the length of cables on all IQ Power™ Bars have been standardized.

Every IQ Power Bar now comes with a standard 10-foot cable, and extension cords are available to meet specific needs that require longer power cables.

Extension cords come in 10, 30 and 50 foot lengths. Both the power cable on the bars and extension cords are built in a way to allow for shortening if desired. However, there is no performance disadvantage to coiling excess wire and simply securing it safely.

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