Ionization Solutions for Static Control and Particle Contamination Control

Simco-Ion, the world's largest manufacturer of static control (charge generation and neutralization) and particle contamination control (electrostatic attraction) components and systems, has been providing solutions to electrostatic (ESD/ESA) issues in a wide range of industries since 1936. Simco-Ion’s comprehensive static and particle contamination control product line incorporates years of research, engineering, and field experience. You can be sure of receiving maximum performance and reliability.

Our goal is to help you control costs, improve operations, and increase quality. We approach each situation with a sincere attempt to understand unique customer needs and develop innovative solutions. This approach is extremely successful and has continued to earn us the privileged business of OEM and end-user customers worldwide.

Industrial Markets: Medical, Food, and Personal Care Packaging, Converting, Printing / Bindery, Plastics, Web Handling, and Automotive industry.

Technology Markets: Front and back end End Semiconductor Manufacturing and Processing, Printed Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly, Medical Device Manufacturing.